The Haemopoietic Stem Cell

16 May

An excellent post looking at hematopoietic stem cells and the work done with them over the years. And even a bit of a FACS cheat sheet at the end.

All About Blood

The Discovery of Haemopoietic Stem Cell


Blood was regarded as an important tissue, but till the mid 1800s it was not known how blood cells were made. Three discoveries lead to the modern concept of haemopoietic stem cell.

  1. Neumann and Bizzozero separately, in 1868, proposed that the bone marrow was the site of blood production throughout the postnatal life.
  2. Improvement in staining techniques lead to the discovery of a spectrum of cells in the bone marrow.  Pappenheimer organized these cells into a tree with the most mature cells being at the leaves. He proposed that at the trunk was a cell that was so primitive that it could not be typed into any lineage. Ehrlich and Schilling differed from Pappenheimer in the existence of a single precursor for all blood cells. They proposed that there were two (Ehrlich) and three (Schilling) different precursor for blood cells respectively.
  3. The stem…

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