Colour Vision

25 Apr

I stumbled upon this essay on color vision and wanted to point it out. Also take a look at my own previous posts on color vision at and


There has been a perfect storm leading up to this post.  It was just inevitable that I tackle the topic, because of several coinciding factors.

The first factor is that it is SPRING and the world is erupting in rich colours, vibrant pinks, baby leaf greens, and the subtle blush of red maples flowering in the mountains.

The second factor is that I have been running long distances, and when I run long distances, I like to listen to science-based radio shows.  Which means that I have been listening to podcasts of Radio Lab for solid hours on end.  It is a popular NPR radio show, and it has one of my favourite science writers, Robert Krulwich, and his charismatic co-host Jad Abumrad.

The third factor was this excellently written post by an online comic artist Matthew Inman on Mantis Shrimp.  If you haven’t read that strip…

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